People Playground

People Playground

People Playground
  • Developer: mestiez
  • Genre: Game
  • Version: v1.24.6
User Rating: Rating 4.99

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Release Date
July 23, 2019
Windows PC

People Playground Download for Windows PC

Spencer Downes

People playground involves killing characters with weapons. Choose the game’s settings to begin. This game involves stabbing, shooting, tearing, crushing, burning, and poisoning. The game will appeal to these groups.

Every object’s attributes define how it interacts with other objects and people. Some of the machines here can chop human flesh. Use spears or swords to stab. Some can be charged and become stronger.

You can play with unique guns here. The game includes explosives with varying destructive capacities and energy release methods. Custom death devices can be built.

What is this People Playground Game?

Going out is unsafe, yet staying home is uninteresting after work. Boredom-busting games are the most fun. Recently, many games have appeared. Developers are making fresh, innovative games. People Playground is one.

Mestiez developed People Playground, a sandbox game. The game involves stabbing, poisoning, shredding, vaporizing, and crushing androids and humans in a vast desert. Players must make tools and weapons.

The game gives players firearms, knives, anchors, water, and more to build their murdering machine. The player can design a strong killing machine with these tools and physics. Interesting game. Here’s more about the game.

Technical Details

Name People Playground
Initial Release Date 23 July 2019
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Developer mestiez
Category PC Games Simulation

Main Point of Free Download People Playground

  • It has many features. This makes the game more exciting for players. Features include:
  • People Playground players can play their way. The game has no predetermined goals, so players can do whatever they choose. Killing androids, humans, and gorses is easy.
  • The game contains several tools and weapons for making contraptions. Weapons can fire, burn, stab, poison, rip, crush, or vaporize. Abusing physics and ragdolls is virtually limitless.
  • The game has lots of stuff to keep players engaged. The game has open-ended physics. Players can develop portals to new areas.
  • People Playground’s gameplay is simple but destructive. Animations are bloody. The game exhibits authentic and detailed burns and acid bruises.

System Requirement

Minimum Human Playground Prerequisites

  • Win7 SP1+
  • 2GHz CPU
  • 4GB memory
  • DX10 GPU (shader model 4.0) capabilities
  • DirectX10
  • 350 MB storage

Recommended: People Playground Prerequisites

  • OS: Windows 10
  • 3GHz CPU
  • 8GB memory
  • DX10 GPU (shader model 4.0) capabilities
  • DirectX12
  • 1GB storage


Knife, burn, poison, rip, vaporize, or crush ragdolls. This game is for ragdoll fans who desire more intricacy, satisfaction, and freedom. Every object's properties describe how it interacts with the world. Sharp stuff. Swords and spears can stab people (and soft objects). Some conduct electricity better than others. Humans are too. Charged items become much stronger. Humans, wood, rubber, and plastic burn well. Burn them and watch it turn black. The game features projectile-based weapons. Explosives vary in destructive power and energy release. Play with contraptions, usually death machines..


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